Little did I know

  • Posted on February 18, 2011
  • By Mike Zens

I knew the Grizzly Hackle guys were great, but little did I know they would show me some of the best days on the river that I have ever experienced. The river was truly remarkable and every aspect of my trip to Missoula was an authentic Montana experience. I want to thank Dan and crew for getting me out to the right places and showing me what Montana fly fishing is all about. You guys are real pros and friends for life.


Totally its the   Totally its the same as Alaska in that respect. Mind your bunisess shut up and fish with etiquette. You have to respect the locals and why try and change it to suit you. You dont go around stepping on toes. Its a place that can break you, you have to be a certain breed to live up there.

Posted by Nataliya at September 07 2012

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