My Best Catch, a Brown Trout from the Blackfoot River

  • Posted on March 03, 2011
  • By Mike Zens

I have been fishing for close to 20 years, and I have fished with a lot of fly fishing guides. The guys at the Grizzly Hackle do an exceptional job. They make sure you have a great day by putting you on a lot of fish, and they also do a great job of teaching the art of fly fishing. They WILL make you a better angler.


Nice to see a picture my friend Jeff took of me holding a Yellowstone River brown.  Are the rest of the photos pirated too?

Posted by Alex at February 21 2015

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Posted by feryVelf at September 25 2012

cant stand fisinhg   cant stand fisinhg in lakes myself, always forget the mosquito repellent, and i moved to the silver valley in north idaho (only a 30 min drive to montana) about 4 years ago from california and i understand completely why people up here dont like californians, people up here are so mutch nicer, see how many random people wave hi to you in your town if you live in california or a place like it, its easy to adapt up here

Posted by Vasy at September 04 2012

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