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Patagonia River Crampons



After slipping and sliding through yet another slick, cobbled Skeena run, we came home determined to find a better traction solution. Drawing on his mountaineering experience, Yvon Chouinard disappeared into the Tin Shed and went to work. The result? Our new River Crampons, the highest-traction wading device ever built. The secret is in the widely spaced aluminum-bar treads, which are hard enough to cut through algae and slime, yet soft enough to grip the rock itself. The bars are mounted to a fully adjustable stainless steel frame and held in place with an easy-on, easy-off adjustable harness system. The River Crampon fits over any wading boot and comes in two sizes: S/M for size 6 through 10 boots, and L/XL for 10 through 14. Simple, easily cleaned design and fast-drying materials help stop invasive species transport. U.S. Patent Pending.


  • Hard-biting aluminum bars perform outstandingly well in virtually all wading conditions
  • Adjustable length adapts to any wading boot
  • Corrosion-resistant materials ideally suited to fresh and saltwater fishing applications
  • Adjustable corrosion-resistant harness system allows the crampon to be removed easily
  • Will not damage boat interiors as long as you are careful, they are far better than cleats in this regard
  • U.S. Patent Pending
  • Stainless steel frame with riveted aluminum bars. Hard neoprene corrosion-resistant harness system
  • 822 g (29 oz)
  • Made in USA.