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Kaenon Hard Kore


The product of innovative materials and our unique "function first" focus, Kore™ is the ultimate sport / performance sunglass. This fresh design is lightweight, incredibly durable and intuitively integrated with the natural form of your head. Kore utilizes Kaenon SR-91® lens material in 8.25 base curve for maximum wrap and rake. Available in 3 different ergonomically-designed lens shapes / sizes: L (large), M (medium), and S (small) guaranteeing optimum visual performance and maximum protection from the wind, water, sand, dirt, and other natural elements you may encounter and complementing different head shapes and facial features. Kore utilizes our Glare 86® Polarizing technology and our proprietary Light Transmission Control™ (LTC™) technology. KORE comes with a micro-fiber cleaning bag and a lightweight sport case.