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Hardy Uniqua Reels


Hardy technology and experience have combined to produce the Uniqua, a reel of exceptional lightness and strength. The offset drag system is sensitive, reliable and quickly adjustable. The reel can be easily changed from left to right hand wind and the deep spools take a great deal of backing in even the smaller sizes. The Uniqua is cageless in its smaller sizes so these can be palmed when the fish is running. On the larger reels, we have added a cage for the extra strength you need for big fish. These bigger reels have been designed to take modern longer bellied lines along with a couple of hundred yards of backing. The reels are designed to marry perfectly with the Uniqua rods and produce a complete rod/reel combination for every angling challenge.

  • A beautifully constructed reel from high-grade, durable aluminium
  • Highly sensitive, easily adjustable offset drag system
  • Legendary strength and deep spool capacity make this the ideal big fish reel
  • Designed to complement the Uniqua rod range
  • Not recommended for saltwater use