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Streamtech Rafts - Green Drake



The Green Drake

The Green Drake rows like a "hard" boat. It is the best maneuvering inflatable drift boat we've ever seen. This is an all around boat, mid size, stable, and high floating. 

Key Benefits:
* Self bailer with hard, flat "drop stitch" floor
* Padded swivel seats at front and rear fishing positions
* Padded Tractor Seat and Bracket for Oarsman
* StreamTech Anchor System
* Front and rear fisherman leaning stations
* Oars, blades and oarlocks
* Straps, hardware, pump and repair kit
* Carries up to two(2) aluminum expedition gear boxes, rear guide box, up to 4 "Palmer boxes" for all small personal items.

Boat Specs

Dimensions: 13'L x 6'1"W x 20" tubes
Weight: Boat = 105 lbs. Frame = 60 lbs. Total = 165 lbs.
Capacity: 1050 lbs. (7 people average weight 150 lbs.)