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Rio Windcutter II Versitip Spey Line


The original spey line, frequently imitated, never bettered, made with RIO’s XS Technology™ for an extraordinarily slick, dirt-repelling coating. It has an easy loading head between 45 ft (13.7 m) – 56 ft (17.1 m) (depending on the size) and is the most versatile of all spey lines. The WindCutter II is available in two formats:

1) a full floating line with a welded loop at the front end for attaching RIO’s VersiLeaders to, or 2) a VersiTip line with a body and a selection of 15 ft (4,6 m) tips. These tips are: floating, clear intermediate (1.5 ips, 4 cm/s), DC Type 3 (3 ips, 8 cm/s) and DC Type 6 (6 ips, 15 cm/s) sinking tips and each tip features RIO’s thin, non-hinging welded loops.