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Orvis Helios



The new patent pending Helios fly rod is so far ahead of all other fly rods it skips generations in how a fly rod should feel, cast, and fish. Our steelhead rod is so sublimely light, incredibly responsive, deadly accurate, and just plain easy and enjoyable to cast that to compare it to other graphite rods is like comparing graphite to bamboo. There is no comparison. The Helios is that good. And everyone is noticing. Extra length for improved line control and roll casting. Great Lakes and summer steelhead fisherman dream. Ice cleans out of Recoil guides quickly and easily. A real plus when steelheading or trout fishing in cold conditions. SALTWATER Benefits greatest feel of action for more accurate and longer casts superior sensitivity and responsiveness the strongest fly rod on the market •loads quickly, crisply, but nimbly supremely-balanced feel unmatched fish-fighting power •better tracking for dry flies and nymphing smoother transition of power reduced casting fatigue

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