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Rio Freshwater Versileader


A series of sinking leaders designed to convert any floating line into an instantaneous sink tip, or aid depth control with sinking lines and tips. These are 7 ft (2.1 m) and 12 ft (3.7 m) sinking leaders with a high tenacity nylon core coated with a super low modulus tungsten polymer mixture. VersiLeaders feature an ultra smooth, color-coded welded loop in the butt end making it easy to connect to the fly line.

  • Intermediate - 1.5 ips (3.7 cm/s) - clear loop
  • Slow Sink - 2.6 ips (6.6cm/s) - green loop
  • Medium sink - 3.9 ips (9.9cm/s) - red loop
  • Fast sink - 5.6 ips (14.2cm/s) - blue loop
  • Extra fast sink - 7.0 ips (17.8cm/s) - black loop

Strength: 12lb