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Rio Powerflex Tippet


A high tenacity copolymer with excellent knot strength, abrasion-resistance, stretch and suppleness. Sometimes called double strength nylon. Used for all species, the light gray provides superb camouflage in any sub-aquatic environment. Powerflex has the perfect combination of elongation and tenacity, and we will match it against any competing brand any time.

Available on 30 yard (27.5 m) spools 8x – .025 inches; and 110 yards guide spools 7x – 0x

  • "X" Diameter Diameter Strength Strength
  • 8X 0.003" 0.076mm 1.5lb 0.7kg
  • 7X 0.004" 0.102mm 2.4lb 1.1kg
  • 6X 0.005" 0.127mm 3.4lb 1.5kg
  • 5X 0.006" 0.152mm 5.0lb 2.3kg
  • 4X 0.007" 0.178mm 6.4lb 2.9kg
  • 3X 0.008" 0.203mm 8.2lb 3.7kg
  • 2X 0.009" 0.229mm 10lb 4.5kg
  • 1X 0.010" 0.254mm 13lb 5.9kg
  • 0X 0.011" 0.279mm 15lb 6.8kg