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Nautilus NV Monster Reel


Monster. Do we need to say more? Yes: The most heard comment from guides testing this reel was: “No questions asked. Usually customers will ask questions and why this and that, but with the G-10 the customer looks at it once and says “I am buying one of these when we get back to shore.” They immediately see the benefits.” The G-10 makes heads turn: Biggest 10 weight on the market, lighter than anything comparable, superb proven drag system, striking looks and almost 15” of line pick up per turn of the handle. Can’t beat that!

The G-Spool design transforms your NV reels into über-arbor fly reels that pick up line faster than any other comparable reel in the market.

The G-Spool (Giga Spool) design significantly reduces reel weight and generates less line coiling and much faster line retrieval.

The unique CNC machining on these reels gives the impression that the backing is floating above the arbor, creating significant air space under the backing promoting faster backing drying. The G-Spool design dries fourteen times faster than traditional designs.

Perpetually repels game u?ber-arbor. contaminants from
braking system.


NV-G10 WF-10 +225 yds #30 9.9 0z.
NV Monster WF-12 +325 yds #30 9.9 0z.