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Our Missoula, Montana fishing reports for the Clarkfork River, Bitterroot River, Blackfoot River, Missouri River and Rock Creek are brought to you straight from our office, the rivers and streams of Western Montana, to give you the latest information regarding hatches, patterns, and tactics. Click on a river below and it will take you to that rivers current report.  As always, call the shop for current information. 406-721-8996.

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Clark Fork River Below Missoula

Daily River Report

August 31, 2015

Hopper fishing has increased a killer set up is a size 10 tan, yellow, pink hopper with a little black ant off the back (16-18). Hoppers should be your go-to dry, look for fish sitting on the choppy inside corners or side-channel confluences. 

A Hopper, luna negra, Tan Chubby with  RED San Juan worms, Reckoners or Tungsten Sally dropper has been doing well. Keep those stoneflies nymphs a little smaller and buggier. Shorter leashes on the droppers when working for active fish. Play your fish accordingly, keep them wet with all this heat. If your taking a pic make it quick.

The closer you are to town and the root. There will be an mid morning window of trico fishing. These fish have been little tough sipping in the slower water, but they are worth a try. Keep those smaller spent tricos on a longer leader. Get your cast in ealier and lead those fish to prevent spooking. Look for any drop-offs our structure on the clark most of these spots are holding fish. We have seen some bigger fish moving out into the flats to feed so don't write off all the sippers in the flats as smaller fish. 

"August Style" using your favorite attractors with droppers. Then switch to hoppers, beetles and ants in the afternoon before 2:00pm. Dont be afraid to make hose hoppers and chubbies dance around on the water a little bit. (skate'em) We might start seeing some spruce moths soon so be prepared.

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Hatch Reels are what you need for the Big Clark Fork Rainbows.  These fish are hot and you need a premium drag!