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Our Missoula, Montana fishing reports for the Clarkfork River, Bitterroot River, Blackfoot River, Missouri River and Rock Creek are brought to you straight from our office, the rivers and streams of Western Montana, to give you the latest information regarding hatches, patterns, and tactics. Click on a river below and it will take you to that rivers current report.  As always, call the shop for current information. 406-721-8996.

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Rock Creek Fishing Report

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June 25, 2015

It's getting hot out there so maximize your time by fishing in earlier in the morning or evening. The fish have been hiding out in deep holes and buckets during the heat of the mid-afternoon. Yellow Sallies and PMD's are taking over the show right now with a few Golden's and in select spots Green Drakes.  Yellow Humpies, Garcia's Mini-Hot's, P-Hazes, Brindlechutes, Golden Chubby's, Rasta's, Crystal Stimi's are all taking fish.  Dropping a PT, Reckoner or Yellow Sally Nymph of the back of your bigger dries will double your chances.  Caddis in the evening and sometimes in the morning don't forget about those. Remember in this heat, play your fish accordingly and get them back in the water asap.

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