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Our Missoula, Montana fishing reports for the Clarkfork River, Bitterroot River, Blackfoot River, Missouri River and Rock Creek are brought to you straight from our office, the rivers and streams of Western Montana, to give you the latest information regarding hatches, patterns, and tactics. Click on a river below and it will take you to that rivers current report.  As always, call the shop for current information. 406-721-8996.

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Rock Creek Fishing Report

Daily River Report

August 17, 2015

Hoppers are the name of the game on the creek. If your not fishing hoppers smaller mayfly attractors (P-Hazes) and elk hair caddis are great options. The spruce moth is pretty much done, your caddis fly should be able to fish for any lingering spruce moth's.

A hoppers best friend this time of year are ants and beetles. Any smaller red or black ants trailing off a hopper or fished as a single will pick up some fish. Your flybox should be filled with your favoirte attractors and some stonefly nymphs (definenetly some red san juans).

Smaller white and black streamers could be sneaky ealier in the mornign and later in the evenings. Keep and eye out for a springs or creeks dumoping in cooler water as these tyically hold a handful of hungry trout. Fish will be in the diamnond chop and on the banks as the day progress they may shift around so dont sell yourself short by fishing only the tight banks. 

 Remember in this heat, play your fish accordingly and get them back in the water asap.

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